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Emanuele Gioé
CEO & Founder

With enthusiasm and resourcefulness, we organize and coordinate teams to spread and bring the culture of sport to levels of excellence.

Emanuele Gioé was born in Rome in 1978 and has gained over twenty years of experience in the management and control of sports facilities and aquatic centers. After a brilliant sports career in swimming in 1996 he founded the ASD Sport & Fly Association with which he started in 1998 the swimmers training in the famous and prestigious Roman Sports Center sports facility.

For the skills demonstrated in 2008 he was entrusted with the managerial role of the water sector of Mondofitness, a summer sports festival, recognized as the most important in the Roman scene.

In 2017 he was called to direct the pool of the Sheraton Hotel chain owned by Starwood Hotels, which in turn belongs to Marriott International.

The know-how acquired in a systematic way allows him to master the organization and management of the company system through the planning of the strategy, organization and coordination of internal activities, as well as the control of the latter during the activity, verifying the results achieved and making appropriate changes to the strategy taking into account the changes and the evolution of the environmental context in which the company is incorporated.

Over 20 years of experience

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Mission & Vision

Sport All's mission is to provide integrated management services for sports facilities. Sport All deals with any aspect related to the management of swimming pools, and also boasts long-term experience gained at public and private facilities.
Sport All VISION
Sport All aims to be an active part in the sports training of children, young people and adults, helping to meet the needs of the community through a new and modern proposal.